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The .blog gTLD is now owned by some guy from Panama


The number of Generic Top Level Domains (or gTLDs) has expanded rapidly since ICANN got around to opening up the bidding process, to allow people and corporations to apply for any gTLDs in 2012. After the application process had finished there were applications for 1,409 new TLDs. Some of these domains were …

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Wales gets official domain names .wales and .cymru

In aid of celebrating national pride and differentiating local businesses, Welsh companies and individuals will soon have access to .wales and .cymru top level domains (TLD). Business users will gain early access during November, with several companies, including Gwali, Atlantic PLC and S4C already announcing their intention to move their …

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Amazon angers authors over domain name buyups


Amazon is usually simultaneously the darling of authors and their worst enemy. Today it’s looking more like the latter however, as Amazon is attempting to buyup the top level domains (TLD) of .book, .author and .read. These aren’t the only ones the web giant is looking to purchase however. It’s …

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