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Yahoo grows Tumblr audience by 40 per cent

Often times when it comes to social networks and online communities, the big ones people talk about are Facebook, Twitter and Reddit and yet there are others out there with many, many millions of users that are growing at an impressive rate. Tumblr is one of them and considering Yahoo …

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Yahoo is buying Tumblr

It was way back in the heady days of last Friday, that we first learned Yahoo might buy Tumblr and now we know for sure: Yahoo is indeed buying Tumblr, for the princely sum of $1.1 billion (£722 million). If you're worried about your account though, don't worry, Yahoo has …

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Yahoo might buy Tumblr

When the name Yahoo pops up I have to do a double take, because I always forget it still exists. Every time someone emails me from a @yahoo.com account or there's some talk of the company doing something, business like, I'm reminded that it's still around and not only that, …

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