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GoG now has a wallet system too


Although their feature sets are relatively similar, GoG and Steam do have a few distinct differences. Steam has an emphasis on community through trading, badges and ARGs, while GoG has no DRM and fair price cashback for certain games in certain regions. One feature that is now available on both …

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Mt.Gox finds 200,000 of its missing bitcoins

Japanese bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, has recently found 200,000 of its 850,000 missing bitcoins in an old un-used wallet from 2011. The wallet is currently worth around $116 million USD, which amounts to £70 million. The firm is still missing 650,000 coins though and has still yet to explain where …

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$12,000 worth of Dogecoin stolen over Christmas

If you've been following digital currencies recently then you might have heard of Dogecoin, it started off as a joke currency which takes its name from the ‘doge' meme but it has started to pick up some steam recently. The currency is only worth a fraction of what Bitcoin is …

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