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Women driving growth of all social media

If you find yourself spending a lot of the day checking Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and all sorts of other social networking sites, because there’s just so much content on there, you may have women to thank for it, as a new report from FinancesOnline shows that when it comes to …

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EA might be hated, but not by its diverse staff

The gaming industry often gets a lot of flak for not being a gender neutral workplace and alongside that negative comparison, EA games has been similarly voted the worst company of the year several years in a row based on online voting, so it’s somewhat of a surprise to hear …

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Women of tech given leg up


While females in gaming are often considered a rarity despite the fact that their number is steadily growing and beginning to rival that of their male counterparts, females in technology fields are still a rarer find.  However now a new graduate scheme programme is being launched by Entrepreneur First, that aims to get …

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Women buy more technology as their earnings rise

What are the real differences between men and women?  This is a question that has perplexed scientists, poets, economists and philosophers since the dawn of time. In modern civilisations, over time, artificial barriers have been successfully challenged and eradicated. As these barriers fall, does behaviour change?  KitGuru combines 2 recent, …

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