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Looking for a job? Watch out for Zeus malware

Money launderers and account thieves have been using money mules for years to help clean up their cash and make it difficult for authorities to trace and a common method for recruitment in the past was job sites. Now though, security teams at those firms are beginning to crack down …

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Anonymous supporters tricked into installing Zeus Trojan

Symantec posted a blog at the weekend which detailed that Anonymous supporters were tricked into installed a Zeus Trojan. According to the report, Cybercriminals modified a distributed denial of service tool called Slowloris to include a client for Zeus, well known malware that steals login details and passwords for banking …

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Banking malware targets Android users

Android has been reeling recently, after being targeted by several viruses and trojans. The latest spyware application known as Zitmo has been altered to target the Android Platform. Axelle Apvrille, an antivirus analyst for Fortinet has written a blog post on the subject. She says “Lately, there’s been an active …

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ZeuS Trojan hybrids prove unstoppable

ZeuS malware has been used for some time now to steal personal information from online accounts and while several arrests have taken place in the US and the UK this Trojan is proving difficult to stop. Arresting several organisations unfortunately won't suddenly mean that this nasty piece of software vanishes. …

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