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Aerocool Soft Project 7 lounge furniture for gamers

While millions of R&D dollars have been poured into the ergonomic design of modern gaming chairs, those of you who like to play on the couch will have noticed that your living room sofa is soft and wraps itself around you. Aerocool’s engineers decided that console gamers needed more support. KitGuru was on hand to shoot these ‘FSP/retail ready’ products (with a camera).

Aerocool only seem to launch furniture products in threes – so it comes as no surprise that there are three models in the gaming couch range. The formal seating is significantly firmer than you'd expect form regular furniture. Dean Shaw explained why, “When gamers are playing seriously, they need to be in an attentive position. These chairs have been designed with those gamers in mind – and all of them told us that they wanted a firmer, more supported seating position”.

P7-CH1 Air
Features high quality PU carbon fibre finish air material – which allows the seat to breath while your engaged in battle. Lumbar support cushion for back support and a pair of pockets for storing stuff. Under the seat itself, there is a larger storage area for controllers etc. Pricing on the single-user P7-CH1 Air chair is expected to be around £229. We apologise for the colour balance with the ‘open' shot, the flash reflecting off the floor gave our camera an issue.

P7-CH2 Air
This has similar features, uses a more relaxed design, but doesn’t have the storage space. The P7-CH2 Air is a 2-person product and will be on sale around £299.

This wonderfully soft bean bag represents a trap for any ‘of a certain girth’ – in as much as you’ll need to spin out of it in order to stand. There is a side-pouch for mobile phones and remote controls. The P7-BB1 will retail at around £69. We confess, having been lulled into its soft cushiony goodness, it took 2 goes to get up again. Be warned – you might need to do some sit ups!

Remember, while KitGuru readers might have seen some early coverage on this product line, changes have been made and these are the final versions. Aerocool is currently in negotiation with several large retailers and is hoping to have all of the models available both online and in the high street by the start of Q2.

KitGuru says: While you can curl up like a cat in the various sofas, we much preferred the large bean bag. Be warned it takes a few ‘drops' into the bag before you get the perfect balance of body and neck support.

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