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Kingston launches Nucleum Hub and Bolt Duo back up

Apple users have long looked smug about their stable operating systems and easy-to-use UI.  The PC army, on the other hand, has connectivity to spare and a variety of clever back up options. Kingston’s new products look to even up the balance, starting with the 7-in-1 Nucleum connecting hub, featuring Thunderbolt connector and BOLT Lightning USB drive.

Launching 21st May, the Nucleum offers powered pass-through ports that allow for fast charging, powering screens at 4K with an HDMI output, a USB 3.1 SuperSpeed connection, a USB 3.0 port, USB C port and card reading slots for SD and microSD cards. All of this connectivity can be yours for less than £79. Technically, it could also be utilised by a PC user – but the target market is Apple.

Here's a mini gallery of shots that show the Kingston Nucleum in more detail.  Apologies for the wrinkled nature of the ‘internal shot', but we were shooting a print out.


The Bolt is Kingston’s take on the external module for iPhone users that have been floating around for some time. Installing a Bolt drive (with the Bolt app) will let you grab a copy of every photo and video on your device – quickly and easily. So how much storage do you get – and how much will it cost you?  It has just arrived at the online resellers.

The 32GB version has an MSRP of £49 while the 64GB is £79 and the 128GB option is £109.

We spoke with Valentina Vitolo, Product Guru for Kingston flash memory products. She told us, “We’re very excited to launch our first lifestyle products. We want to be the product of choice when people are looking to ‘Live The Moment’ and capture memories that will last a lifetime”.

“This product is DUO purpose as there is a lightning connector on one side and a full size USB on the other”, Valentina explained.

The event took place in London's Noho studio with #KingstonCognate and #LifeUpgraded plastered across the walls. The venue doubles as an art gallery and, for the Kingston launch, the walls were covered with quality images by an artist called Ming – all captured on super fast (U3) Kingston memory cards.

KitGuru says: Overall, the products look good and Kingston's reputation for quality is well established. Some of the hub-type-products for Apple can cost hundreds, so it's interesting to see one like the Nucleum for less than £80. Bolt will have a lot of compotitors but, again, the Kingston brand should ensure strong sales in the UK and beyond.

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