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Kitguru Lite presents the Microlab Solo 6C speakers

At Kitguru we know a portion of our audience won’t want to read 30-40 page reviews on the latest technology. With this in mind we are starting a new series of videos which demystify all the tech talk and lay out the cold hard facts. Kitguru Lite is tech without the full fat cream on top.

Last week we reviewed a new budget priced pair of speakers, designed by Danish audio expert Peter Larsen. We were impressed with the overall quality, especially considering the modest asking price of £79.95. Are they worth consideration for a new upgrade?

Watch our video presentation below and check out the full review over here.

Kitguru says: Impressed enough to consider a pair? Let us know

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  • Fred

    They look really nice, more like hifi speakers too which I like, rather than some stupid looking PC speakers. were can I buy them in UK ?

  • Phillip

    I do like the appearance, read the review last week, but I think they would need some serious stands to get the most from them. if these were placed on a bookshelve I thin they would vibrate a lot

  • Tony

    Their name is terrible, they sound like the cheap ass speakers sold in PC WORLD. ‘MicroLab’? seriously? Sounds like a computer PC makers not an audio expert.

    I checked their site out, its a bit of a mess to navigate, but it looks like this chap larsen knows his stuff. ill check them out and see if our local store can get a pair in. the remote idea appeals to me as I have to get up sometimes to adjust volume with my media setup,

  • Colm

    Thanks, just ordered a pair online after reading the review and this video. If they suck ill be back to kick ass 🙂

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  • Hey.. i like this speakers.. I will buy it very soon