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Microlab Solo 6C Speakers Review – big sound at a small price

A wide audience reading this might not have heard of Microlabs. I admit, initially I was dubious that they were yet another cheap far eastern brand, with little room to fit into an already cluttered marketplace. The company name for example is less than inspiring, as it gives the impression of cold, clinical audio reproduction for the budget computer audience … who are only interested in the price point.

This is a rather unfortunate oversight, because audio expert Peter Larsen has clearly set out to build a set of speakers which focus on warm, inviting, audio reproduction. They really aren’t that ‘technically’ accurate, but the colourful and rich tones can effectively reduce listening fatigue and sibilance, often associated with compressed audio files.

In the computer industry there are very few speakers which offer a little ‘personality’ of their own, which can subjectively add to the enjoyment of music. I really enjoyed listening to a wide range of material via the Solo 6C speakers, rather than analysing all the frequencies as I normally do. That said, they are not perfect and can sometimes suffer from a narrow soundstage, and don’t make an ideal partner for movies or gaming.

The price point is very attractive, with UK sites such as Amazon offering them for £79.95 inc vat. At this price point I am willing to overlook some of their minor shortcomings. I really like the warm bias to the sound quality and very impressive levels of bass, which can be fine tuned to suit your specific genre. They might not be as clinically accurate as the Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II, but their overall balance of audio reproduction is rich and full bodied.


  • Remote control gives complete control over audio settings.
  • Very appealing, traditional ‘hifi’ appearance.
  • powerful amplifier for the price.
  • slightly warm sound is appealing for Mp3 playback, ensuring less long term ‘fatigue’.
  • great for acoustic music playback.
  • Great value for money.


  • Competition is fierce in this sector.
  • Slightly narrow soundstage.
  • Heavy, and need good support to keep the sound ‘tight’.
  • better options for gaming or movies (5:1 sets).
  • The company name is not going to attract the right kind of attention.

Kitguru says: Speakers designed for enjoyable, audio playback at a competitive price point.

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Rating: 8.0.

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