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Synology Diskstation DS210+ NAS Review

Rating: 8.5.

The Synology NAS series this year has proven to be very impressive with capable, fast, versatile systems available at every price point. We recently reviewed the high end DS1010+ and DX510 expansion unit and felt it was one of the best configurations available for the business audience.

Today we are going to look at one of their NAS units aimed at the more mainstream audience, the DS210+. This product is available for around £300 in the UK in a basic, no drive configuration. You can also buy the DS210+ with drives preinstalled, or you can easily fit your own to save some money.

The DS210+ is the replacement for the popular DS209+ with a £100 price reduction – it is such a competitive market that this seemed like a wise move. This is a dual drive NAS system which supports up to 4TB (2x2TB) – we will look at the Raid support and performance levels within this review.

  • 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Hardware Encryption Engine
  • Power-saving with only 30W in Operation
  • Wake on LAN/WAN
  • Scheduled Power On/Off
  • Includes Feature-Rich Synology DiskStation Manager 2.3 (DSM 2.3)

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  • Fluffychicken

    YAY! thanks for listening to my email Z ! im going to order this nearer christmas when I get my bonus.

  • Tim

    Thats an unusual design for opening it isnt it ? no screws/ just pull it ?

  • Raymond

    They make great NAS systems, ive a much older synology NAS, its not even gigabit, but I need to get my network sorted first. I cant stream 1080p movies even? sucks

  • Frankie

    one of their better priced models, that 1010+ was not for me :p

  • Tech lover

    I have this at home, its easily a 10/10 product. love it to bits.

  • Trev

    Buffalo are cheaper, but they are much slower, I dont need gigabit at home. 100mbit is fine for streaming 1080p movies. I think your network needs fixed Raymond, you chould be able to stream

  • Derek

    That operating system is brilliant. My friend has a windows server NAS and its just overly complicated and slow as hell.


    Price is spot on, especially as for a bit less you end up with 100mbit lan connections. This should sell well for them.

  • Kern

    They need to show CPU temps and other tech data in the panels