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Synology Diskstation DS210+ NAS Review

While the Synology DS1010+ we reviewed a few weeks ago is aimed at the medium to high end business sector we feel the DS210+ is going to find its way into many enthusiast homes over the coming months and deservedly so. While it sounds like I am the chairman of the Synology fan club, it really has been difficult to fault their products in recent months, especially with the new multitasking operating system they have released. We have reported issues with several Buffalo NAS products in our labs but the Synology NAS systems are a total pleasure to use and have no painstakingly annoying faults to mention.

The performance of the DS210+ is certainly not lacking, and while write performance is significantly lower than the DS710+ or DS1010+, it is still more than capable of delivering excellent transfer speeds across a correctly configured network.

Internally, the design is very neat, with a simple rack system mounted directly above protected motherboard components. The centrally located fan is perfectly positioned to generate horizontal airflow, across, and between the drives.

Aesthetically, the DS210+ is going to fit into any household as it looks great, doesn’t take up much room and won’t generate a cacophony of noise in the background. If you run out of storage you are able to connect both USB and eSATA external drives to the controller board which is going to prove a viable future proofing option for many enthusiast users.

The operating system really deserves to be highlighted because it will prove painless for even the most inexperienced of end user. If you can operate a browser then you will be able to easily set up your NAS system without raising your blood pressure. For £300 this really is a solid buy, especially if you demand high performance levels.

KitGuru says: Another winner from Synology.

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Rating: 8.5.

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