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Synology Diskstation DS411j Review

Rating: 9.0.

Over the last month we have looked at the full range of Synology products from the entry level USB Station 2, to the range topping DS 1010+ with partnering DX510 expansion bay. No matter your demands Synology say they have a solution for you … without breaking the bank.

Today we are looking at one of their new models, the budget Diskstation DS411j which offers a cost effective file storage and backup solution with Raid Protection for multi user home environments.

The DS411j is fully compatible with the fantastic new multi tasking Diskstation Manager 3. So what do you get for your money? A four drive NAS system for under £300 with a total of 8TB storage support? Yes please.

Key Features

  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Secure RAID Data Protection
  • 24/7 PC-Less Download Server
  • DLNA Certified Media Server
  • Cool and Quiet

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  • Raymond

    That is one hell of a price. very good indeed.

  • Tim

    Well this is quite spectacular. quad drive capacity for under 300 quid? never thought id see this. normally reserved for the high end market. speeds aren’t incredible, but I wouldn’t expect that for this cost.

  • Eric K

    Unusual design idea with the rear dropping, but the thumbscrews is quite inventive. not really very secure mind you, but for home or small office, its ideal.

  • Garry Rodgers

    I will be picking this up shortly, loads of future proofing with this unit.

  • Hank

    They seem to be bringing out some new products for the mainstream which is good to see. their high end stuff is lustful, but its way over the odds for most people, so this makes sense to me. very good pricing.

  • Steve

    “We averaged around 36 mb/s”

    No you didn’t, mb = millibit, so 36mb/s would be a million times slower than the actual result obtained.

    You averaged 36 MB/s. I expect Mb/MB/mb mixups in the general press but not in-depth tech reviews.

  • Tim

    Apply your inner capslock. Makes you look less of an idiot.

  • Xiao

    Good review, very glad to see the system board photo confirming that the ram is un-upgradeable.

    It is an OK unit, but not much room to grow by the limited and un-upgradeable ram