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[email protected] 15x faster than world’s fastest supercomputer

[email protected] continues to make headlines around the world about its rapid progress. In mid-March, it was reported that the university project from Stanford was faster than the 7 fastest supercomputers in the world combined. A week later [email protected] reached one exaFLOP of computing power. Now the project is closing in on 2.5 exaFLOPS and can boast about being faster than the world's 500 fastest supercomputers combined.

2.4 exaFLOPs is a number that can be hard for us humans to wrap our head around. The New York Times used the following comparison to try to explain the computing power of IBM Summit: “A person doing one calculation a second would have to live for more than 6.3 billion years to match what the machine can do in a second.”

[email protected] now exceeds IBM Summit's computing power 15 times over. A person would have to do one calculation per second and keep doing that for about six times the estimated age of the universe to be able to do what [email protected] does in a second. No matter what examples or illustrations are used it can still be difficult to grasp how powerful the project has become. Suffice it to say that it's impressive.

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