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Have a Black Edition Christmas with AMD – win FX8350’s!

We had a nice surprise package today straight from the AMD factory – a tray of 8 core wonderbeast chips! Yes, we going to be giving away some 8 core high end FX8350 processors to make four people very happy over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

AMD make some fantastic processors for gaming and they want to give the enthusiast audience a chance to win a high end FX8350 for a new system upgrade. This would make for an incredible new year gift and a possible upgrade for your current AMD system. You may have an older AMD system and want to build a completely new one from scratch. We want to know!

The FX8350's arrived straight from the AMD factory and the winners will need to have their own cooling already in place. We will ship these securely to the winners within the next month.

Entering is very simple – we have no rules for liking Facebook pages this time. All we want is for you to email us the answer to a simple question and let us know your current system and why you want one of these FX8350's. These processors need to go to a deserving person who wants an AMD powered system, not just to sell them on eBay!

It is important you read the following carefully as if you don't follow these instructions your entry will be invalid. The only email address which is valid is listed below. We don't want private messages on Facebook, or emails sent to editorial staff. They will be INVALID!

We want you to answer one single question in relation to the AMD ‘NEVER SETTLE' game promotion and then email us with a reason why we should give you an FX8350.

It is a simple two step entry, but read carefully!

  1. Head to this page and pick your favourite game that AMD are bundling with their video cards. It is all listed here, just click the link and make the effort. Point out your favourite game from the AMD NEVER SETTLE link when you email us. Simple as that.
  2. Then email Kitguru (competitions(at)kitguru.net with subject ‘I would love an AMD FX8350 processor, here is why …..') and explain your plans for the FX8350, if you were to win one. For example, you might already own a slower AMD chip and want a good upgrade for next year. You may be an overclocker and long to push performance from your system to a new level. You may just be broke and unable to afford something like this. You could also be moving from an Intel system, so spill the details.

We would really appreciate if the winners could send us a picture of their processor when they get it (or share with us on Facebook) and we can write a follow up story showing a new system build and any interesting results, such as from overclocking. AMD want to reward their loyal fans who don't necessarily have the money for a new upgrade. Show them that you appreciate the prize!

So to recap, in case you are confused.

Email us with your favourite game title from the link above. Explain in the same email why you want, need or deserve an AMD FX8350 processor. We also need your full address and telephone number in the main email text. We ask for this information beforehand to limit the amount of ‘boosted’ spam entries from multiple email addresses for the same person.

This competition is open to residents WORLDWIDE!

The competition will close 1st January 2013 and the four winners will be announced by 3rd January 2013. Please note that KitGuru will use your email address for future mailing lists. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time. We do not give your email address to any third parties, we value your privacy. Please note that multiple entries with the same shipping address will be blacklisted.

Comments are closed. This is an email entry only competition.

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