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Review a 120GB, 240GB and 480GB OCZ Trion SSD with KitGuru

Is your rig running a little slow? Have you been holding off on investing in an SSD? Then we have the perfect competition for you as we are giving away three OCZ Trion SSDs! All we ask in return is that you provide a ‘reader review’ of the hardware.

We reviewed the OCZ Trion SSDs ourselves earlier this year, praising competitive performance and pricing. In this competition however, YOU will have the chance to win a 120GB, 240GB or a 480GB model and review them yourself. It doesn’t need to be a written review, if you have a YOUTUBE Channel that is another great option.
No complex entry rules, or liking pages, you don’t even have to email us or make an entry on a complex webform – just log into your Facebook account and submit your interest — telling us why we should send you one – on our Facebook page post HERE.

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