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PUBG players create custom Death Race mode

Players of PUBG might be at the steering wheel of what’s to come in the game, after a group organised its own death race mode. The unofficial mode comes with a set of rules, that if followed by gentleman’s honour, can lead to a lot of fun.

While Brendan Greene himself has made no comment on future game modes beyond the recent first-person servers, which incidentally will be making way to the OCE region next month, it’s fair to say that he and developer Bluehole listen to the fans. Given how much fun players are having in StoneMountain64’s video compilation of PUBG’s wacky racers, could we be seeing a future game mode?

The rules dictate that squads rush to find vehicles to race in within the game’s first five minutes, proceeding to gather at a pre-defined starting line. In this case, the race logically started on the South Island at the East Military Bridge, prompting players to work their way to the north. Pistols are the only weapons allowed, and can only be used once the race has reached another pre-defined point, which in this case is past the first bridge. This gives players time to find their positioning in the race before everything goes to hell.

Once players have past that bridge, however, almost anything goes. Players that fall behind or manage to lose their cars after the game forgets it’s not Rocket League and cars end up on their sides, are encouraged to set up roadblocks and ultimately cause trouble for the remaining racers, if not outright steal their cars from under them. Roadblocks can only be half of the road maximum; as full roadblocks would defeat the point of it being a race. Another courtesy rule to ensure maximum fun is that players are only allowed to shoot those still actively in the race, giving a chance for those on foot to find a car and get back in the game.

StoneMountain64’s version of the Death Race is not the only one out there, with Node hosting a variant of the custom mode himself, with many different rule sets.

KitGuru Says: Fanmade game modes can sometimes end up the best and most played, so it would be interesting to see if this will become a thing. What do you think of PUBG: Death Race?

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