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Computex 2023: Leo and Steve (Gamers Nexus) discuss recent Asus issues

While wandering the halls of Computex this year, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a video with Gamers Nexus. In this video, Leo and Steve chat about all the recent rumblings with Asus. 

Watch via YouTube below:

There are no timestamps for this one, just a good 14-minute chat between two of the most no-nonsense tech YouTubers around.

You might recall a few weeks ago there was some Asus drama. Gamers Nexus led an investigation into warranty policies and damaged motherboards and we pointed out some concerns we've had recently while trying to work with the company – namely, the issue of buying positive reviews. Now, Steve and Leo have had the chance to meet up and talk about it … at the Asus Computex booth no less.

This video will be live on both the KitGuruTech channel and the Gamers Nexus channel, so if you haven't subscribed to them yet, be sure to check them out.

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KitGuru Says: It's always a treat to bump into other YouTubers at Computex. You'll see Leo popping up in a few other videos too, including one with Gordon Ng of PC World, and another cameo appearance in PC Centric's Montech video.  

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