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Antec Soundscience Rockus 3D 2.1 Speaker Review

The Rockus 3D speaker system is split into 3 parts. The subwoofer, satellites and control pod. The satellites immediately caught our attention as the design is extremely dazzling. Whether you like the chrome style outer ‘hood' will be down to personal taste. I think they look great, especially the dark textured matt finish on the circular circumference.

Each satellite is made of anodised aluminum and has a 2.5 inch driver inside – with a honeycomb design clearly seen from the front. The design is cylindrical rather than rectangular which can add both negative and positive attributes to the final sound imaging quality, more on this later.

Each speaker can deliver 25W of power, which is higher than many other units in this market, including the highly regarded Gigaworks T40 Series II speakers.

Each satellite is connected to the subwoofer via a phono to wire style connector cable.

The subwoofer is heavy, but relatively compact. It contains a 6 inch speaker and uses passive radiator technology. This passive radiator creates a forced low frequency response with the goal of producing deep bass from the compact design (down to 10hz according to Antec, which is impressive if true).  Antec claim this eliminates the need for a physically larger subwoofer. It is a plain design which is rather elegant and will fit well into the majority of bedrooms, offices or living rooms.

The 2.1 configuration helps to keep cable clutter to a minimum and at 351mm x 196mm x 270mm it won't consume a lot of real estate either.

Above, is the rear of the subwoofer. Our image shows both satellites and pod controller connected. Analog in has both 3.5mm and RCA inputs. This is also a switch here which allows for bass levels to be adjusted, 1=weakest, 2=medium setting, 3=strong setting. The output of the subwoofer is very impressive as it is capable of delivering 100 watts.

The control module fits perfectly with the design ethic of the rest of the setup. The top silver area of the pod can be rotated to adjust the volume and if you press down on the top it will mute the sound. On one side of the control pod there are 4 indicator LEDs and a button. The button switches the system between music and 3D mode (gaming and movies basically).

The pod is connected to the subwoofer directly via a single cable, seen above.

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