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Antec Soundscience Rockus 3D 2.1 Speaker Review

Rating: 8.5.

Antec are renowned among enthusiast circles for creating some of the finest computer cases and power supplies on the market. Like others in todays climate they are expanding into new territories and have turned their attention to speakers. This isn’t a half hearted attempt however, with a new subsidiary entitled ‘SoundScience’.

The Californian based company are proud to announce that this new brand of speakers is the result of “two years of evolving prototypes, constant fine-tuning, and hundreds of hours listening” and the end result is what we are testing today – the Soundscience Rockus 3D. Unlike many other designs, Antec aren’t using an OEM, these are developed and created in house.

Priced at £170 inc vat, they are certainly targeting enthusiasts with a higher level of disposable income. This also means however that we will be much more demanding when we come to test them later in the review.

Satellite Speakers: 5.7” (H) x 4.7” (W) x 6.3” (D)
144.8 mm (H) x 119.4 mm (W) x 160 mm (D)
Subwoofer: 13.8” (H) x 7.7” (W) x 10.6” (D)
350.5 mm (H) x 195.6 mm (W) x 269.2 mm (D)
Weight 8.5 kg / 18.7lbs
Total 150 Watts
Satellite Speakers 25 Watts/each
Subwoofer 100 Watts
Maximum Output S.P.L 95dB
Analog 3.5mm, RCA
Digital Optical (TOSLINK)
Frequency Response
10 Hz – 20 kHz
Box Contents
2 satellite speakers, subwoofer, remote controller
3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, speaker cable – speaker cable – 2 x RCA to open end
RCA to 3.5 mm cable, remote cable
Box Dimension
13” (H) x 10” (D) x 21.6” (W)
330.2 mm(H) x 254.0 mm (D) x 548.6 mm (W)
2 Years

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  • Tech Head

    Exceptionally well written Zardon. I like these. seem a bit above the normal, especially the design class.

  • Tim Rodgers

    Great review man. I love the appearance of the satellites. those are stunning. Might pick these up next pay day. my old creative speakers are on their last legs

  • Harry

    Wow I must have missed the announcement that these were even released. Look good to me. bit expensive, but quality always is.

  • Frannie

    WOw I have to pick these up, the design is beautiful. sound will be more than enough for me.

  • Robert

    Just ordered a pair, almost went for the creative gigaworks, but I know ill miss the subwoofer. these seem spot on. bit more than I wanted to pay, but ill pay the credit card later.

  • Mark

    Hexus didnt seem to like these at all. but others seem to be extremely positive. good review. might pick them up later but id like to hear them myself 🙁

  • Brad

    Man I love Antec, ive an antec case, antec PSU and I have to get these, when they are back in stock on newegg.

  • Tri Color

    The subwoofer is quite boring looking, but those satellites are seriously sexy. very unusual design ethic. love them.

  • KoRn

    Hey, did they hire the harley davidson work force to make them ? :p

  • Colin

    Is the sub really rated to 100W? thats very powerful for a desktop speaker system

  • R0ry

    The review text makes them sound a lot worse than 8.5 /10 tbh. It looks like an attempt to go aftr Boze and the like. The design looks nice, but it’s gimmicky and they seem way overpriced too. Corsair’s SP2500 seems to blow these out of the water from reviews i’ve seen so far.

  • Tech Head

    I think the problem is Zardon is used to 10-20k systems, so he picks holes in all the areas, then realises later than they only cost £170.

    Seems a fair price to me. and ive heard the corsair speakers in a local store here, wasnt that impressed, unless the setup was wrong on some level.

  • Brian

    I don’t think the design is gimmicky at all. This shape has been proven to create very good focused sound quality, it’s a half way house to a full horn shape speaker which [email protected] have used before. They look really good to me and the output volume is fantastic. Tight bass is what I like

  • William

    They look really different and the reviewer explained the weaknesses and strengths well. I might buy them.

  • Xacier

    Not sure they appeal to me. Design is a little over the top.

  • Benjamin

    I wonder if Antec will bring more of these out, I’d like to see a 5.1 set

  • Jerry

    Pretty cool they are able to make these themselves. Its like corsair now making their own hardware.

  • Qiwehr

    I dont know what the dude earlier was on about the corsair ones ‘blowing these out of the water’. ive heard the corsair speakers and they sounded good, but not great. I heard this antec speakers around CES time and they sounded much better. most reviews of these speakers online are really positive. certainly the ones ive read are anyway.

  • Tech Head

    Its all down to personal preference. like my buddy has a sennheiser headset he raves about and I dont have the heart to tell him they sound harsh to me. What id like he would probably thinks sucks. audio is very personal taste.

  • R0ry

    You can’t listen to speakers in a store and get any kinda sense for how they really sound. But from this review and other reviews i just get the impression they are good but not great, unlike the corsair speakers, which have generally been raved about. But it is all personal preference i guess.

  • theness

    the corsair speakers are so crap. i picked up a set of these and they blow the corsair ones out of the water. the corsair speakers make me think of the sound that you hear when you see an old honda civic with a 16inch such rattling the license plate driving down the street. the corsair speakers just sound cheap and loud. my friend agrees but he paid 250$ for them and can’t get rid of it. sucks for him.