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Put your CPU and GPU in use against the COVID-19 virus

There's been a lot of coverage around the Corona/COVID-19 virus in the last few weeks, with significant ramifications for everybody, not just in the hardware industry. Now [email protected] is giving people a chance to donate their computing power to fight the Corona/COVID-19 virus.

Whatever hardware you are using, high-end or low-end, AMD, Intel or Nvidia – you can answer the call from [email protected]. By using your computer's processing power, each machine can help [email protected] to simulate ‘the dynamics of COVID-19 proteins to hunt for new therapeutic opportunities”. There is a more in-depth explanation for those who want to read about how donating processing power will aid in combating the virus.

Image credit: Nvidia GeForce Twitter

[email protected] currently has 23 projects related to COVID-19 research – they are 11741, 117421174311744117451174611747, 117481174911750117511175211759117601176111762117631176414328143291453014531, and 14532. The projects aim to better understand the virus and find possible treatments.

The real power of [email protected] comes from connecting and combining the processing power of many computers to solve a complex problem. When using [email protected], the users don't need to do anything for the most part. The heavy lifting is left to the software working in the background, using spare processing power. The user can follow the progression of the research in real time – or choose to turn off the application if you wants to use the computer for something else.

The steps needed to join is outlined on [email protected]’s website, but the first step is to download [email protected]. If you are interested in joining the KitGuru Folding team, or any other [email protected] group to become part of this amazing project, then you can register to get up and running HERE. If you want to join us, the KitGuruFolders team ID is 196420.

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KitGuru Says: Are you interested in donating your processing power to help fight the COVID-19 virus? 

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