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Fantastic FitBit fitness fun for, well, everyone

Give the average Nigel or Nigella a bunch of extra days off at Xmas and, with almost 100% certainty, they will be able to show you an extra inch around the waist, the ability to live in the same clothes for a week without the need to wash or shave and – possibly – a way to make soup from the dry-picked carcass of a 5 day old turkey. At that point, it’s time to hit them with fitness info-mercials.

Just as the Earth moves around the sun to create seasons, so Western society moves from Xmas glutony to the need for a 6-pack and a tan, roughly once every six months.

Right now, we’ve at intestinal overload and looking for the ‘cool new gadgety thingy’ that will enthuse us to find lettuce more attractive and ‘run not walk’ where possible. If that’s the case for you, then the inventing chaps/chapesses over at FitBit have exactly what you need. We fire up the VideoScope so you can watch without moving.

KitGuru says: Well, there you have it. A cool, affordable and rather intriguing gadget to encourage you to eat, breathe, walk and even sleep in a more active way – cos it will burn more calories. Good luck with that, we’re off to release Ben & Jerry from the freezer – armed with nothing by a spoon.

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