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AMD Ryzen 5000 “Cezanne” APU surfaces with Zen 3 CPU and Vega GPU cores

The SiSoftware database is giving us plenty of juicy news this week. Not only has an entry detailing an Intel Tiger Lake CPU been spotted, but we also have an entry going over an AMD Ryzen 5000 “Cezanne” APU. This will be a successor to the Renoir series of CPUs, although Vega graphics will continue to be used, in addition to Zen 3 CPU cores. 

As per the entry found by @_rogame, the Ryzen 5000 APU silicon will come with a new Vega graphics variant, which comes with 8 CUs with 64 stream processors each, totalling 512 stream processors. The iGPU will be clocked at 1.85GHz, beating the higher clocked AMD Renoir APUs – Ryzen 9 4900H and Ryzen 7 4800U – by 100MHz. Given how long it will take for theses APUs to be out in the market, the 1850MHz GPU clock should not be considered final.

This APU was running on a laptop (Cezanne FP6), but Cezanne APUs should also come to desktop platforms (Cezanne AM4). Unfortunately, it seems that AMD will keep using the Vega graphics for the next generation of APUs, rather than making the jump to Radeon's newer RDNA architecture. Perhaps we'll see that upgrade down the line by the time Ryzen 6000 series APUs roll around.

KitGuru says: Is Cezanne the answer to the upcoming Intel Tiger Lake processors? Who do you think will win the mobile processor “war”?

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