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Asus unveils updated ROG Ally X handheld

Recent leaks and teases have suggested that a new ROG Ally handheld was on the way from Asus. Now, this updated system has been unveiled as the ROG Ally X, which will have a few updates over the original design, but will still offer the same display and APU as the original. 

According to The Verge, the new model will have a larger battery, which is expected to be about 40% larger than its predecessor. However, Asus has not revealed any specifics on the exact capacity. Still, Asus said that while the original's battery lasted about 1.5 hours while gaming, the new one should last around 3 hours. The device will also have an M.2 2280 SSD slot, making upgrades more straightforward. These features suggest that the new handheld will be larger, although no other details have been confirmed yet.

ASUS has also confirmed that the ROG Ally X will come with more than 16GB of memory, although the exact capacity and speed are still unknown. The device will be more repairable with a newly redesigned joystick and revised grips. It will also be heavier than the previous version. Moreover, the SD card slot on the new device has been moved further away from the air vent, possibly solving the thermal issues of the original model.

The ROG Ally X is expected to cost more than the original. However, ASUS has not yet revealed its official pricing or release date. The company is set to announce the new gaming console on June 2nd, and we can expect more information about the device's features and specifications then.

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