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Steam Deck repair centres are now live

Valve has been very open regarding the repairability of the Steam Deck. If your console has a problem, you may choose to repair it yourself without voiding the warranty. However, not everyone is comfortable with opening up their console and doing things manually. With that in mind, Steam Deck repair centres have now gone live. 

Steam Deck repair centres are the place you'll send your console if you're sending it for repair or replacement. Once they arrive at the location, professionals will run a diagnosis on the device to evaluate the issue and repair it if needed/possible. Once it's fixed, the repair centre will send it back. If the repair centre concludes repairing isn't possible, you may get a replacement unit.

Any repair needed to an issue specified in the warranty policy will be free of charge. An example of a problem covered by the warranty would be the intermittent button input issue. If the warranty doesn't cover the problem (a dog broke an analogue stick), Valve will ask you if you're willing to pay a fee for the repair, in case it's possible. Depending on your choice, you may get the device back as you sent it or get it repaired for a price.

It's unclear if these repair centres belong to Valve or if they're third-party entities. In any case, you can rest assured that even if you don't want to open up your Steam Deck, someone will do it for you.

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KitGuru says: Although Valve didn't share the list of repair services its repair centres can do, nor their pricing, we would assume that DIY repair will be cheaper than sending the console to fix something not covered by the warranty.

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