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Valve shows off the Steam Deck in teardown video

While Valve doesn't recommend that users take apart their Steam Decks, the handheld system does support user-placed SSDs. For anyone curious about the internals of the Steam Deck and how to take it apart, Valve has released a new teardown video. 

The video focuses on replacing the SSD and the analogue sticks, which will be available alongside other replacement parts after the console releases. If your Steam Deck's analogue sticks or SSD needs replacing, Valve already has you covered if you want to replace them yourself.

According to Valve, once you buy a Steam Deck, you may do whatever you want with it, but due to how “tightly designed” the Steam Deck is, the components inside were not meant to be user-swappable. One such example is the SSD, which was chosen with power consumption and electromagnetic interference in mind. Considering how close the SSD is to the NIC, you may want to think twice before choosing an SSD for your Steam Deck. Another example is the battery, which can be dangerous if mishandled.

Before tinkering with your Steam Deck, you should first disconnect the battery. Valve also says that resistance to failures is reduced after taking the system apart.

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KitGuru says: If you want to increase your Steam Deck's storage, it may be better to use an SD card instead of swapping the SSD. The SD card might not offer the same level of performance as an SSD, but at least it's safer and less intrusive to mount.

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