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Google Chrome now has native VR support for the Oculus Rift

Just a couple of weeks ago, Mozilla announced that it would be launching a dedicated version of its Firefox web browser for virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. Now it looks like Google had similar plans in motion, as Chrome now has native VR support.

Currently, Chrome's virtual reality mode only has ‘Oculus hardware support', but more headsets will likely be added to the list over time. In order to enable VR mode in Chrome, you will need to be using Windows 10 as well.

Current VR headsets aren't the most ideal for text. However, with higher resolution options starting to hit the market, like the HTC VIVE Pro and the Samsung Odyssey, using a VR headset for web browsing or working is becoming more feasible.

KitGuru Says: While apps like BigScreen and Virtual Desktop currently do a decent enough job of transforming the PC experience for VR, having dedicated web browsers that can really make use of the tech sounds like a good way to go. Have many of you picked up a VR headset already? Do you tend to only use it for games, or have you tried using it for other tasks too? 

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