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Meta launches Quest+ games subscription for VR

The Meta Quest 3 headset is launching later this year and when it arrives, players will have an easier way to instantly access new VR titles. Today, Meta announced plans for a Meta Quest+ subscription, which will grant subscribers with new perks, including access to VR games. 

Meta Quest Plus will offer subscribers “two titles every month” as part of the subscription, so it is less like a Game Pass subscription and more like Xbox Live or PS+. The games offered will represent “the best titles on the platform”.

This will cost $7.99 per month ($1 for the first month), or $59.99 per year, but ultimately, you will be taking a gamble, as you won't know what games to expect each month. As with any new subscription service, there will be keen attention paid to the titles offered each month.

For July, subscribers will get Pistol Whip and Pixel 1995, meanwhile in August, subscribers will get access to Walkabout Mini Gold and Mothergunship: Forge.

The service will be available to Quest 2 and Quest Pro users starting this week. It will be available on Quest 3 as soon as the headset launches in a few months time.

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KitGuru Says: I'm not blown away by the initial offerings here but I expect we'll see bigger and quieter months for a service like this. 

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