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Nintendo Switch OLED survives 3600-hour burn-in stress test

While OLED panels do deliver an undeniably good viewing experience, they also have their problems. Burn-in has been a known issue with OLED displays for a long time now, but the situation is improving. The new Nintendo Switch OLED model seems to have a particularly good panel, with the screen surviving a five-month long burn-in stress test. 

The Nintendo Switch OLED launched last October, so roughly six months ago. Since release, YouTuber, Wulff Den, has been putting their Switch OLED through the ringer, subjecting the console to a lengthy stress test to see how long it would take for the OLED display to begin showing noticeable burn-in.

The Switch OLED was left on and displaying a static image at full brightness for a grand total of 3600 hours before burn-in occurred. In other words, the Switch was running this stress test for 150 days, or around five full months. Even after that lengthy stress test, the burn-in has only just reached the noticeable stage, meaning it could go for longer before it becomes a major issue.

With this in mind, Switch OLED users should get years of life from the console under normal conditions without facing display issues. Of course, that doesn't mean some panels won't break down a little quicker, as there is always a margin of error when producing millions of units. However, burn-in should not be a widespread problem. Now if only Nintendo could get Joy Con drift under control…

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KitGuru Says: A 3600 hour stress test just to see the first signs of burn-in is quite impressive. Nintendo must have picked a very good OLED panel for its first revision of the Switch OLED. Hopefully the company continues to use panels of the same quality in any future revisions of the system. 


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