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Gotham Knights Beta build briefly went live on Steam, revealing 82GB install size

Recently, a GameStop store in Ireland began advertising Gotham Knights as releasing in April. Given how soon that is, and the lack of any official announcements, this was quickly shrugged off as a placeholder date. However, there is new, strong evidence to suggest that we could be playing Gotham Knights sooner rather than later. 

At this point, WB has confirmed that Gotham Knights will release this year, with Rocksteady's similarly co-op focused Suicide Squad game being pushed to 2023. Gotham Knights isn't directly connected to the Arkham games, but will use a similar style, with players taking on the roles of different members of the ‘Bat Family', like Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing etc. Gotham Knights does not have a release date yet, but some recent changes to the game on Steam's backend indicate that the game is nearing completion.

On Steam, a Gotham Knights beta was briefly made public, before being taken down. This was tracked by SteamDB, which also shows that the download for the game was 82.5GB, meaning this was likely a beta build for the full game and not just a small demo.

Given that the full game has been packaged up and is fully playable for testers, Gotham Knights is likely on its way towards a Summer or Autumn release date. The beta listing may also mean that we'll get a publicly playable beta test in the next few months to test the game's online services and stability.

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KitGuru Says: A Batman game without Batman still seems like a difficult sell to me, but hopefully Gotham Knights will surprise us. Are any of you planning on playing this when it comes out? 

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