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Oculus suggests rolling back Nvidia drivers to fix Rift ‘black screen’ issues

The Oculus Rift has been selling particularly well over the last few months, but unfortunately it looks like users are starting to run into issues. Recently, a ‘black screen of death' began affecting users, and so far, the finger is being pointed at recent Nvidia driver updates as well as the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update from last year.

At the moment, some Rift owners are experiencing an issue where their VR headset gets stuck displaying a black screen when a PC wakes from sleep. Over on the Oculus Rift support page, the following message is being displayed: “If you are using an Nvidia GPU and currently experiencing display or performance issues with your Oculus Rift, please make sure you are using driver version 388.59. Later versions may have compatibility issues”.

The current Nvidia driver version is 391.01, so Oculus Rift users facing these issues have to roll back quite far. There currently isn't a hot fix driver addressing this issue specifically, so we don't know exactly when a fix will be implemented.

While right now the finger is being pointed at Nvidia drivers, the folks at PCGamesN have also pointed out that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update may also have something to do with the issue. Following on from Microsoft's latest major update, there have been some issues with HDMI and USB devices waking from sleep, it is possible that this could be affecting the Rift.

KitGuru Says: I currently have a Rift as well as the latest Nvidia/Windows updates and haven't encountered any issues. Still, it seems that enough people have been to warrant the situation being addressed. Have many of you had issues lately with your Rift? 

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