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Sony is finally enabling 1440p support on PS5

While the Xbox has supported 1440p displays for years, Sony has stuck to supporting the most common TV resolutions, 4K/UHD and 1080p on PlayStation. After many requests from PlayStation players, Sony is now enabling 1440p support on PS5. 

The 1440p update arrives today for PlayStation software beta testers. The update also brings curated game lists to better organise your library, as well as some new social features. While 1440p support is arriving, unfortunately Sony won't be enabling variable refresh rate at this resolution, but no specific technical reason has been given for this.

These new game lists allow players to create categories for their library, so you can separate backlog games from titles you are currently playing, or separate your physical and digital games for easier navigation. You can create up to 15 custom game lists in total for your library. Sony is also adding a new 3D Audio and Stereo comparison to the PS5 settings menu, so you can compare the two to see the difference it makes.

Some of the new social features seem inspired by Steam Chat, including the ability to request a friend to stream their gameplay to you. There will also be new notifications to show when you can join a friend's on-going game.

The software beta could last for several months, but these features should roll out to all PS5 users within the next few months.

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KitGuru Says: A lot of PS5 games have modes that run at 1440p, so natively supporting the resolution makes a lot of sense, particularly for those who like to hook up their consoles to the same display as their gaming PC, although the lack of VRR support is a bit disappointing. 

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