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Sony unveils PlayStation 5 UI updates

We've all seen the PS5 at this point, we've even seen games running on the console but we have yet to see the new User Interface. Sony has been generating some buzz around its UI upgrade for a little while now and today, we get our first official look at it. 

In a new video posted today, Sony details the new PlayStation 5 User Experience, which is based on a new ‘Control Centre' menu system:

This new UI is the biggest change for Sony in a long time, with the PS3 and PS4 interfaces being very similar. This is a stark departure, with new ‘feed' system with floating cards to point out trophy progress, new screenshots, news from games you're currently playing and more.

In some instances, games will be able to take advantage of the UX to display help videos or hints within games, without users having to back out or look something up on a separate device.

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KitGuru Says: There is a lot to see here so if you've been waiting to get a good look at the PS5 user experience, be sure to watch the whole video. What do you all think of the new changes? Are these good upgrades from the PS4? 

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