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Nintendo Switch interface leaked in deleted Tweet


One aspect of the Nintendo Switch we were disappointed not to see in our recent hands-on coverage, was the interface. How the menus look and feel when you're not playing games can be almost as important as when you are, so it's exciting to get a sneak peak at them, …

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Google says promo video had ‘inaccurate UI’

Update: Earlier this week, a promotional video for Google Maps popped up on the web, showing off what looked like a generic Android device running what could be a newer version of Android. One of the key things that people spotted was the lack of app drawer button on the …

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Blood Bowl II’s UI pictured

Cyanide's previous iteration of the Games Workshop tabletop fantasy (in the Tolkein sense of the word) football title did pretty well considering it's not one of GW's biggest properties, selling over a million copies in its llifetime – though the many different editions may have helped there. Still, a sequel …

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New Google Glass video showcases capabilities

Google has released a new video showcasing the capabilities of its Glass headset/eyewear. In it we see voice recognition, translation information, video recording, web search abilities and a slew of vocal commands that allow for impressive hands free interaction. A lot of the video revolves around people saying, “Ok Glass…” followed by …

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