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Steam’s long awaited library overhaul is now live

For years, we have been hearing that a group at Valve has been working on revamping the Steam interface. Last year, some progress was finally made with an all new chat system. Now this week, the beta version of the new Steam Library page has begun rolling out.

The Steam Library update is a big one, essentially eliminating wasted space and putting more information on display. There is a new ‘Home’ screen for the library that will show any game collections you choose to add, in addition to your recently played games and news about recently updated games in your library. Customisation, filters and organisation options have all been revamped.

When you click on a game you want to play, you will also be displayed with your recent activity in that game, your friend’s activity, community content and more.

Of course, the traditional sidebar list of games is still in place, but the larger part of the window is now populated with much more information and better looking game posters- which you can also customise to your liking on a per game basis.

The update is currently available as part of the Steam beta branch, so all you need to do is opt in to the Steam Client beta in your settings and update Steam. As with any beta though, there may be issues along the way, so don’t expect an entirely perfect experience.

KitGuru Says: I began playing around with the new category and collection systems in this update earlier this evening. The change was a bit jarring at first but I think overall, I like the new Steam library a lot more. Have any of you tried the new library update yet? What do you think of it so far?

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