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Sony’s next PS5 showcase tipped for early to mid June

While Microsoft has been very open about its next-gen console over the last few months, Sony is being a bit quieter. We've all been wondering when that might change and now, we've got a good idea, with multiple sources pointing to an event in June. 

First up is VentureBeat, which claims a June 4th date for Sony's next PS5 event. Meanwhile, Bloomberg's Jason Schreier has heard that a PS5 event will take place in early to mid June.

Microsoft will also be talking about its upcoming console in June, but that update will focus on platform features and services. That gives Sony a nice June window to unveil something from its first-party PS5 games lineup.

Microsoft will begin showing Xbox Series X first-party games in July. So we could end up with a lot of big game announcements in the next two months.

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KitGuru Says: There are a lot of PlayStation fans waiting for information at the moment. Hopefully this June event ends up going ahead. 

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