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Valve is discontinuing the Steam Link box

Valve's first foray into designing its own hardware brought the Steam Link and Steam Controller into the world. Both devices were designed with the goal of tackling PC gaming in the living room. Nowadays, Steam Link is available as an app for in-home streaming, so Valve is discontinuing the physical box.

Valve has officially sold out of Steam Link boxes in Europe and is close to being sold out in the US. Once those last remaining units are gone, Valve is not planning to restock for the foreseeable future. Instead, focus will be shifting to the Steam Link app, which is currently available on Android and some Smart TVs.

The Steam Link app has yet to arrive on iOS. Initially, the iOS version was approved for release on the App Store but Apple withdrew due to ties to the Steam Store. We haven't heard anything new about the iOS version of the app since then.

KitGuru Says: I had always meant to pick up a Steam Link to try out but I never got around to it. Did any of you buy a Steam Link? Do you use it regularly? 

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