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Xbox Series S leaks again via official Xbox controller packaging

There have been a number of rumours pointing towards the existence of a second next-gen console from Microsoft dating back a couple of years now. For a long time, we’ve been running under the assumption that this will be known as the Xbox Series S. At this point, the console has been unofficially confirmed via various Microsoft documentation. This week, newly produced Xbox controllers are continuing to leak the existence of the console.  

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s flagship next-gen console, but it is rumoured that a lower-end variant will also ship with a cheaper price tag and a lower-tier GPU. Previously, Xbox One controllers have shipped with documentation stating that they are compatible with both the Xbox Series X and the unannounced Xbox Series S. This time around, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial code, packaged in with an Xbox One controller, is also making mention of the Xbox Series S.

The frustrating part here is that the Xbox Series S is essentially an open secret, but Microsoft has so far been unwilling to go into detail on what this console will be, how much it will cost or when to expect it to launch. Unfortunately, similar complaints can also be levied at the Xbox Series X and PS5, which also currently don't have pricing or specific release date details.

KitGuru Says: Hopefully Microsoft will have some official announcements to make later this month, including the unveiling of the Xbox Series S and a price/release date for the Xbox Series X. 

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