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GamesCom Booth Babe Check – Part 1

GamesCom 2011 was a MONSTER show, held in MONSTER halls in the MONSTER city of Cologne. Altogether, a great event, but a little nuts. We’ve already brought most of the key stories, but now it’s time for some pure fun.

Being a booth babe is big business in Cologne. The halls are not only massive, but there are shows booked throughout the year.

Anyone who’s not sure quite how hard a job this is, needs to imagine just how many hundreds of thousands of time they need to smile enthusiastically over the course of the GamesCom event. Enough to cause you jaw ache!

KitGuru spies have sent in tons of pictures, here is the first batch of pics – which of these professionals would you hire to represent your brand on the global stage?

PlayStation lady was a personal fitness instructor - so watch out couch potatoes


Have to say that this Hercules lady was one of the friendliest people at the event


This young lady left her own stand to go play World of Tanks - cute and a hardcore gamer? Shirley Knot


"So the 'Cute' button has a setting for 11 then?" - GamesCom Spinal Tap moment


Tera is a massively multiplay game, and here's two of those players, well, playing


World of Tanks had the biggest sound system and the dancers were not scared to boogie


Last lady for part one is seen sporting the ubiquitous Razer headset - found everywhere at GamesCom 2011

KitGuru says: More to follow later!

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