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Synology and Y-Cam Grasshopper Bundle Review

The Y-Cam products are very versatile, because they can be used without any NAS system, or with leading products from Synology (and QNAP).

The software is installed from the supplied disc and only takes a few minutes. They also supply some literature on setting up the product, although it really is an easy ‘step by step' process.

The Y-Cam software scans the network for supported products and found the Y CAM model immediately. At this stage you can set the camera up and open the interface panel via a browser.

Accessing the camera requires a user name and password which is set by default to login ‘admin' and password ‘1234'.

This panel offers a variety of primary settings, such as naming the device, the location, HTTP port access options and IP address configuration.

Pressing ‘open' loads your default operating system browser with direct access to the network connected camera. Live view allows you to view the camera image and there is a settings panel on the right.

The browser software immediately asks for a password change, as the default settings are not secure. Along the right is a list of menus, with submenus.

The camera panel at the top right is the main configuration section and it defaults to settings which will suit most people. You can adjust the frame rate for video, the resolution, audio quality and bit rate, among other settings.

As this camera is a night vision capable model there are some settings to adjust the image quality to suit.

There is even full wireless support onboard and we had no problems connecting the camera to our network. Obviously if you move the camera further away the signal will weaken, so you may need to upgrade your network transmission strength if you want to use the cameras from a long distance.

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