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Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset Review

The first thing you will notice about the Corsair Vengeance 2000 is that it is a dramatically styled headset. The effective, subtle black and chrome colour scheme should appeal to a wide male audience.

The earphone covers, whilst being made of plastic, have a very stylish brushed-aluminium appearance. This is further complimented by the headset extension (made of the same material and texture) and the chrome edges of the headset itself, which feature the Corsair logo presented in a tasteful way.

Initially, the design of the earpads make them look generic, with black outer material and blue internal lining. However, upon closer inspection you really begin to appreciate the effort Corsair have put into the design of the headset, as these earpads are made of microfibre-covered memory foam, which is unbelievably comfortable and will make a difference in user comfort when gaming over longer sessions.

Whilst Corsair don’t officially boast the noise cancelling capabilities of the headphones, they are relatively good at keeping unwanted sound at bay.

The microphone is located on the left headphone and is adjustable, so that it can either sit flush with the headset, or in the optimum position for “team chat” / general communications.

Also located on the left headphone are some of the features which are normally found on an in-line amplifier. These include a rolling volume adjuster, power & mute buttons, power/charge LED light and the USB charging port.

The cables provided make installing the headset an absolute doddle. Once the official drivers have been downloaded from Corsair, its a simple case of plugging the headset into the PC. The wireless USB dongle can be plugged into an unused USB port at the rear or front of a case or plugged into the provided cradle so that it can be optimally positioned.

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