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Microlab FC360 2.1 Speakers Review

Rating: 8.0.

Microlab is a dedicated acoustics and computer peripherals producer, and since its formation in 1998 they have solely concentrated on producing high quality speakers. Peter Larsen is their designer and chief consultant. We have high hopes the FC360 will perform well, especially after our positive experiences last year.

Previously we have taken a look at Microlab’s Solo 6C Speakers and we were impressed with the quality, for the cost. Today is the turn of a more traditional looking 2.1 speaker system. They are effectively aimed at the everyday computer user … those of us who love to watch films, play games and enjoy their music.

The FC360 are not a dramatically styled product, they are rather understated with a simple black, box like design. This does mean they will suit many desktop environments whether you are a keen gamer or an everyday user.

Technical Specifications:

Amplifier: Output power: 54 Watt RMS
Power distribution: 15 Watt x 2 + 24 Watt
Harmonic distortion: < 0.3% 1 W 1 kHz
Frequency response: 35 Hz – 20 kHz
Signal/Noise ratio: > 75 dB
Separation: > 45 dB
Input sensitivity: 350 mV
Speakers: Tweeter driver type: 2.5″
Tweeter rated power: 15 Watt 4 ohm
Bass driver type: 6.5″
Bass rated power: 30 Watt 8 ohm
Interfaces: Output: 3RCA
Input: 3.5mm stereo, 2RCA
Power: Power supply: AC 220 V – 240 V ~ 50 Hz, 200 mA, or 100 V – 120 V, 460mA version
Package Contents: FC360 Amplifier
FC360 Satellites x 2 pcs
FC360 Subwoofer
3.5mm stereo – 2RCA cable
User manual


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  • Peter O

    They look alright, bit cheap looking IMO, but cleartly the sound is alright.

  • Stevie

    They look ok, but I wouldnt buy a cheap paire of speakers like this because its a false economy. I bought a non name brand in pcworld last year and the sound was good for a week then the speakers starting doing weird things. The problem with cheap speakers which make you wonder how they release them at that price is because they use t he cheapest compononents inside. they are born to fail.

  • Mark Wilson

    As the UK distributor of Microlab speakers, I am quite surprised to see the negative comments above. From the thousands of units we have put into the market, we have only seen 4 units come back as faulty so far. We have 4 sets of the speakers in house, and have done for months, with no issues. Also almost everyone within the business here has at least 1 set at their own homes, all with no reported problems. (Aside from one person that never took the plastic shielding off of the speaker cable and wondered why it wouldn’t work 🙂 ). Major resellers we sell to are not reporting any customer complaints to us either. So with a lack of returned product, and a lack of reseller complaints, I am truly not seeing the issues reported above.

  • Roger Shore

    Happy customer here. bought the 6C after the review last time and they have been great, much better than my last cheap set I bought locally. Maybe you got unlucky with a bad batch?

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  • Conor

    i got a set of these and think they’re great. lovely accoustics and yet very affordable. look great in my living room next to my samsung TV 😉

  • Joanne

    Is Dungeon Dogz website owned by you? I only ask as they’ve got your review (word for word – a clear copy and paste from your site) and your pictures (complete with your watermark) on their website: http://dungeondogz.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/microlab-fc360-21-speakers-review.html – i would take a look – nothing worse than another review site stealing all your hard work….

  • Hi all,

    I’d just like to add that I’ve been using these as my standard desktop speakers since this review (well over a month of getting used everyday for many hours – music, gaming, films etc), and are still very impressed with the sound quality they produce. They have a small desktop footprint and produce a lovely sound, what more could you want? On top of that, they match my LG monitor perfectly!

    Have no doubt, that these are certainly several leagues above that of any ‘un-branded PC World products’, and are unbelievably good value for money.


  • Graeme

    I know this review is over a year old now but I’m interested in these but was wondering if you think these would still produce a good sound using onboard sound from my motherboard? The onboard sound is provided by Realtek, the model is – ALC 887.


  • sony

    got my hands on these for £50 from amazon and wow these were boss…. the bass quality and sound are good but try using some gold jacks to get the high def sound. i say 4.5/5