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Cyberlink PowerDVD 11 Review

PowerDVD 11 supports BluRay and BluRay 3D and there is a controller panel which can be reached by a quick access button.

PowerDVD supports many 3D style panels, such as LCD and Plasma technologies. Bluray discs load faster than the previous version we tested, around 3 times as quick and sometimes 4 times faster.

Cyberlink now allow for 3D conversions of movies and videos, on the fly. You can convert the movies during playback by clicking the 3D button. The program offers adjustments to 3D scene depth via a slider so fine tuning can be set to match the specific screen being used.

TrueTheater has a wide range of settings as shown above to allow for various adjustments to playback. The stabiliser option works a little like Apple’s iMovie system, except this is handled on the fly during life motion playback.

The latest version of PowerDVD now supports remote control. By downloading an application from the Apple or Android store, your smartphone or iPad can become a remote control device for the software on the computer.

Expanding upon the functionality of the program, there is support for Facebook, Photo Albums and even Youtube videos and content. They have made the interface as simple as possible, by showing friends under a thumbnail avatar (or identity). Facebook browsing is a straightforward system offered to tie all media into one interface. Comments can be made during a movie (when paused) and then uploaded to FaceBook, Twitter or Moovielive. Cyberlink are clearly wanting the program to cater to a wide audience, as the latest version also supports high quality music playback. It even comes with 14 music equaliser presets. TrueTheater technology can also be applied to YouTube videos to improve the image quality.

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