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Kingston Data Traveler Ultimate 64GB USB 3.0 review

The Kingston Data Traveler Ultimate 64GB USB 3.0 drive has been the highest performing flash pen drive in our testing to date, showing that the USB 3.0 platform really does deliver significantly higher throughput.

The build quality is excellent and the drive looks very attractive, with the white and silver accenting giving it a high value appearance. It also feels strong and will assuredly be able to take reasonable abuse during every day conditions. The bundle is decent as Kingston include a Y USB 2.0 cable to help machines with lower powered USB 2.0 ports kick start the unit into life.

Technically the performance is certainly not lacking and Kingston seem to have been actually very conservative in their speed ratings as we found the drive was delivering higher rates than those mentioned on their website and on the packaging. This is not a situation we often have to report on!

The only negative aspect of the drive is the fact that it generates a high level of heat and after some of our stress testing it was very warm to the touch, clearly a downside right now for the screaming performance levels. Hopefully in future revisions the generated heat can be reduced or negated.

The asking price in the UK right now is quite high, at around £150 for the 64GB unit we reviewed today. We managed to find it for £140 inc vat via Micom online, which seems to be the most competitive price at the minute.

Kitguru says : Remember if the 64GB version is too rich for your blood then they offer this drive in smaller sizes. A solid future proofing option for your next pen drive purchase.

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Rating: 9.0.

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