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Intel ‘AppUp’ launches – itunes style store for Atom netbooks

Intel have launched their new AppUp Centre Software store which focuses on application support for their Atom based Netbooks.

The whole concept of Appup is to give netbook users a one stop shopping experience for applications catered specifically to support their devices. This project grew from the Atom Developer Program and is sure to appeal to a wide audience of people looking to get the most from their mobile devices. With ATOM based netbooks being very low power devices Intel are trying to help users make educated decisions on the software they install.

This was a long time coming, because Apples App store for iOS generates a huge amount of revenue, especially as Apple have a profit sharing scheme in which they get a percentage of the money from every sale. Intel are offering a new badge for software developers to let them know that their packages are available through the service.

In a further stage to increase visbility, Intel have been working with retail stores such as Dixons Retail who are agreeing to install the AppUp Centre Software onto their Atom powered netbooks. Samsung are commiting to Appup in the future also.

KitGuru says: Great idea or stupid? you tell us.

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