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Intuous5 Touch Professional Pen Tablet Review (PTH-650-EN)

The medium tablet arrives in a decently packaged box, complete with carry handle.  You cannot see inside the box, but the external graphics shows what you will be getting quite nicely.

The basic features are shown on the reverse of the packaging with clear numeric labels on the tablet and alongside the short descriptions.

The main box slides out of the outer sleeve revealing a plain black cardboard “briefcase”.

Opening the “briefcase” you can see the install CD, guarantee and instructions first, sitting on a solid robust formed piece of cardboard. Lift the formed cardboard and the tablet is revealed.
The tablet, the pen, and the pen cup holder are all packaged in the same sturdy formed cardboard. Lift the tablet, and the USB lead is revealed.
All in all this is a nicely packaged piece of kit.

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