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Scan shows off a £60,000 gaming rig at Multiplay i49

On Facebook, KitGuru’s Carl encourages those with cool and unusual rigs to post photos and specs of their pride and joy. Every now and then, a major company will come to market with something a little bit special. Costing a little bit more than usual. This is one of those times.

You can’t turn around and measure the desirability of a £60,000 system using anything like a normal kind of scale.

In addition to a £2,500 ‘basic’ water-cooled gaming rig, you’re talking about 3 high definition projectors (at a paltry£800 each) and a special wrap around screen. That only accounts for the first third of the cash

Then you have the seat itself.

Straight away you can tell that this is not available as part of Ikea’s standard line-up.

It’s absolutely loaded with vibration systems, attitude controls and every kind of force-feedback you could possibly imagine.

Handily, the whole affair fits inside a standard van and you can monitor your driving skills using an Android phone.

Click thumbnail for real detail
Click thumbnail for real detail


Samsung at the control. Android style.
Samsung at the control. Android style.


KitGuru says: It’s gonna make you cry ‘Want Want’ – you just know it. The queues for a ride were serious – everyone wanted hands-on this rig.

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