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Multiplay prepares to kick off the i45 MEGA LAN

If you run a major competition 3 times a year and name it according to how many times you’ve run it, then almost any numbnutz can work out that Multiplay’s i45 event is a milestone.

KitGuru dons a black hoodie, opens a can of Taurine-enhanced Kick Energy drink and prepares to fit right in.

Bank Holiday weekends affect everyone different. For many poor bastards, the start of May means the start of full-on-no-holds-barred nagging season. Every single DIY job that you’ve put off since last autumn will come running out to haunt you. Whether you’re the target of the abuse itself or simply an off-spring caught in the “Well, get out to B&Q and buy it then!” crossfire, the thought of a relaxing day or four at the Telford International Centre – with nothing on your mind but pure hardcore fragging – must seem like a dream.

True to their word last year, PC World and Currys have continued to sponsor the event, while the actual list of sponsors itself is longer than many an arm and it includes a who’s who of companies that are serious about gaming and gamers.

While you ponder that, here’s a list of the good souls that helped make i45 possible. Think good things about them – for they are the best of the best with pure hearts and clean souls:-

Give these people love. They do good work. Honest.

Alongside the mega competitions for big bucks, you will also be able to see the Grand Final of the ASUS Masters of Overclocking Event in Association with KitGuru. Can’t wait to see which two lucky sods walk off with the first prizes of Asus-built Ivy Bridge OC rigs.

Well worth the visit. Telford is easy to get to and the event rocks. What more do you want?

KitGuru says: There’s no better gaming gig in the UK than Multiplay’s Insomnia series and the 45th edition promises to be the best yet. Even if you go along as a spectator – it’s still very much worth while – but if you’re a gamer then it’s a dream come true event.

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