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3DMark introduces CPU Profile, a new set benchmarks for modern processors

3DMark has received a new update introducing CPU profile, a set of CPU benchmarks that include 16 threads, 8 threads, 4 threads, 2 threads, and a single-threaded test to show how a processor performs as the number of loaded threads varies.

Like other 3DMark benchmarks, users can see how their CPU performs compared to other systems equipped with the same or different processors. There will be six tests available for users to try out: max-threads test, 16-threads test, 8-threads test, 4-threads test, 2-threads test, 1 thread test.

After running any of these tests, a score will be provided to your system. In the tab showing the score, the green bar represents your score, the black marker represents the median score, and the end of the bar shows the best score achieved by a system equipped with the tested CPU. Anything between your score and the best score can be interpreted as the overclocking potential of your processor.

If you want to try the new 3DMark CPU Profile but don't own the benchmark suite, you can buy it on Steam with an 85% discount until July 8th, reducing the price to $4.49/€3.74. Every 3DMark Advanced Edition user and Professional Edition user with a valid license will receive the 3DMark CPU Profile as a free update.

KitGuru says: Will you try 3DMark CPU Profile? Feel free to show us your benchmark results! 

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