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AMD talk to KitGuru about AMD LINK

There is a really, really good chance you know who AMD is. With their own extensive range of processors and graphics cards, if you're a PC user, they've likely been on your radar for a very long time. What you might not know however is that a little over a year ago they released a mobile app to go hand in hand with their Radeon graphics card.

Watch via our Vimeo channel (below) or over on YouTube at 2160p HERE

AMD Link enables users to easily connect to their PCs, bringing Radeon™ gaming software to your mobile device or tablet. It's had several updates since its initial release but at this stage, here are some of the main features:

  • The Home section contains a news feed where you can learn more about AMD or AMD partner products
  • Game Stream directly to your mobile device, or even use it as a second screen and compatible with certain VR games.
  • Voice control several aspects of AMD Link with the simple voice command ” Hey Radeon”. Compatible in Mandarin and English.
  • Easily check your PC metrics and gaming performance with Radeon™ WattMan.
  • Capture, stream, and instant replay of your gameplay with Radeon™ ReLive.

They have their own series of tutorials in a YouTube playlist you can find here 

They keep an eye on their social media, so if you have an idea of your own, drop it on one of their channels and they may pick it up.




KitGuru says: Since most users have their mobile phones with them while on the PC anyway, it makes sense to better utilise the mobile phone in this way and they're constantly adding new versions, so it'll be interesting to see what comes next.

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