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Capcom celebrates new Resident Evil 2 Remake sales milestone

For many, Resident Evil 2’s 2019 release represents one of the best remakes around, as despite making a whole host of gameplay changes, the vibes remain just as eerie as the 1998 original. It therefore comes as little surprise that the game has now become the highest selling entry in the entire Capcom franchise.

Making the announcement on Twitter, the official Capcom Dev 1 team shared the following (as translated by ResetEra user RandomlyRandom67):

“In July 2022, ‘Resident Evil RE:2’ surpassed the 10 million unit mark and is currently the highest selling title in the series at 13.9 million units!”

It continues, “We were not able to celebrate at the time due to the fact that we were in our home period, but we were finally able to carry it out. The positive feedback from everyone who has played the game has been encouraging for all of us!”

As mentioned, the game actually hit this milestone a while ago, with Capcom as a publisher first revealing the figure during their most recent fiscal earnings report back at the end of March.

While it is unlikely that RE:2 will take the top spot from Monster Hunter: World (which has sold over 20 million units not including the Iceborne Master Edition), it could very well rest comfortably in second place given enough time – taking the position currently held by MH: Rise (14.7 million). Regardless, Capcom’s Resident Evil Remakes continue to impress.

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